Course Fees


Learn Japanese Language

You can learn Japanese at AILA( is located in the center of the FUKUOKA city.
This school has a lot of staffs who have very trained Japanese teaching techniques.
It also gives you a fantastic Japanese teaching programs. After you learn 100 hours
in this AILA, you can speak daily Japanese conversation very fluentry!!!

You can learn many Japanese Cultures at JACLS 

NIHONGO JACLS provides you a lot of Japanese Cultures,such as Ocha(tea ceremony,Flower arrangement, Shamisen(= Japanese guitar), Drawing anime,etc.
You can also experience beauty salon, nail painting and taste Japanese sake at the
wine sellar.

Japanese Culture Class

Dpending on your interests , NIHONGO JACLS provide you a lot of experiences which you can enjoy Japanese delicious foods, Strawberry picking, Fishing,Painting Hakata dolls,etc.

1.Course Tuition Fee

      A.M. 8:40-10:20 にほん語学習1 Text:みんなの日本語
10:40-12:00 にほん語学習2 Text:Enjoy ふくおか
      P.M. 2:00 - 3:30 にほんCulture たいけん Culture Class

料 金
Programs  weeks  Lesson Stay
Japanese language   2 weeks                   $ 900 $300~
3 weeks                 $ 1350 $400~
4 weeks                  $1800 $500~
Culture Class / 1 week               $ 85  

※The tuition fee is different depending on  how many activities that you join.

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